Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toast Box, Tsim Sha Tsui

Toast Box opened their first outlet in Hong Kong in Aug, the coffee house is located at Silvercord in TST.

Toast Box mainly serves Nanyang traditional coffee and Kaya toast. Kaya toast is a common snack in Singapore and Malaysia. This popular coco jam is usually spread with butter on toast, bread and crackers.

Me and my cousin ordered their bestseller Traditional Kaya Toast set with fried eggs and Nanyang hot coffee & Floss Thick Toast set with fried eggs and Nanyang hot milk tea to share.

The Kaya toast was amazingly good, very rich and not too sweet. Quite high in calories though because of the butter (no more quota left for the rest of the day!)

The Floss Thick Toast (which is in fact toast topped with pork floss) was nice too but not as delicious as the Kaya toast.

Unlike the Nanyang coffee (in my opinion it tasted like regular coffee), the Nanyang milk tea was pretty good because of its rich aroma and taste (see picture) .

Although both toast sets were extremely high in calories, frankly the portion was rather small and we decided to try their pandan cake too. The cake was freshly baked and fluffy, however I still prefer the pandan cake that has much stronger pandan fragrance and a firmer texture.

The butter they use for the toasts? It comes from this huge mountain of butter!

My cousin loves the Kaya toast so much that she bought 2 jars of Kaya with honey, one for herself and one for me as souvenir! ^.^ Yeah! Tomorrow Kaya toast breakfast at home!